Strong and functional washing machines

Our high-speed aseptic washing machines have different load capacities (18, 24 and 28 kg) and are equipped with a baskettank and panelling made of AISI 304 steel. The frame is particularly strong and suitable for intensive work and  theengine,placed on the bottom near to the floor, reduces vibration and noise during the spin-cycle. The lateral stabilizers, then, also ensure great stability in every conditions and guarantee less wear and tear on the shock-absorbing system. The heating system of this washing machine is bi-energetic (electric and steam), while the equipment allows up to 8 connections for dosing liquid detergent directly into the MIXER.

Maximum hygiene thanks to the two opposing doors

Developed specifically for the cleaning and hygiene needs of the healthcarepharmaceutical and food sectorsGA aseptic washing machines are equipped with two opposing doors/portholes that allow dirty linen to be loaded on one side and clean linen to be unloaded on the other, preventing contamination. A sanitary barrier machines, therefore, allows compliance with standard EN14065 (RABC). In the hospital sector, indeed, between 10 and 15% of infections are caused by the low quality of cleanliness of bed linen, which, in the most extreme cases, even lead to the death of patients. In the food and pharmaceutical industry, on the other hand, the complete management of the laundry by professional machines is essential to maintain a high level of hygiene in products and eliminate the presence of bacteria such as staphylococcus aureus, salmonella, listeria, etc.

Effective control is crucial

The GA aseptic washing machines are equipped with a programmable microprocessor PLC that enables the composition of each type of washing in accordance with the type of linen: this means optimisation and adaptability of the process in every circumstances, easy integration with evolving washing processes and the chemistry applied.

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