Industrial performance with domestic size

In the space of a domestic appliance, we have packed the technology that ensures a professional cleaning. The GH70 small load washing machine, indeed, is the ideal solution for all those who do not have a large amount of laundry to process (up to 8 kg per cycle) but want professional results anyway: hair salons, wellness centres, sports clubs, camping sites, pizzerias and trattorias, as well as small accommodation facilities. For the most demanding clients, is available a version with a discharge valve, which is even faster and more reliable.

GH70 compact supercentrifuge

Long-lasting steel basket and tank

This high-spin washing machine is small, but equipped with details usually offered by industrial equipment, such as steel drum and tank: this material guarantees durability and professional and intensive use.

Steel basket compact washing machine

Floating frontal panel without joint seal

A solution adopted by the entire range of professional equipment. A component traditionally subject to wear, water leaks and continuous maintenance has been eliminated. Loading and unloading of laundry will be easier.

Small professional washing machine

Cold and hot water supply connection

Like our professional models, the GH70 washing machines are equipped with dual hot and cold water inlets as standard. This cuts washing cycle times and running costs by 30%.

Same technical solutions of an industrial equipment

Materials such as steel, quadruple suspension with shock absorbers, induction engine and inverter technology, ball bearing housing with 4 anchor points. These are just some of the features that make these machines easily comparable to the industrial range.

Cycle duration

Focusing on the energy consumption, both in terms of absorbed power and installed power, allowed us to optimise the washing cycle times. The size is domestic but times are very close to an industrial equipment.

Electronic control, multifunction knob, integrated diagnostics

A further advantage comes from the electronic control system, which again meets professional requirements. Integrated self-diagnostics, storage of errors and executed cycles simplify and reduce the service costs. 25 languages and up to 50 washing programmes are available.

GH70 compact supercentrifuge

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