BEZZERA today is a modern and ‘technological’ company.

A company that is over a century old …

… and doesn’t show it. BEZZERA family has been able, over the years, to renew and innovate. Innovating espresso coffee machines, to maintain primacy, renewing technologies: to remain at the avant-garde.

The BEZZERA factory produces espresso coffee machines that are considered among the best and most popular on the international market. Because the entire production process takes place in the BEZZERA factory with the greatest care: from the choice of raw materials to the processing of steel and copper boilers, from assembly to quality control. To give its customers a product of inimitable quality.

Particular attention is paid to the valorisation of human resources and to the continuous technological updating of machinery, fundamental elements for obtaining products recognised for their construction excellence typical of Made in Italy.

Today, BEZZERA is known throughout the world, like its invention, as the “espresso” coffee: one of the best-known Italian traditions.

The company is characterized by a modern production facility located in 4 sheds with 95 employees, where the components and finished products are designed and manufactured onsite, through the use of state-of-the-art continuous cycle robots and modern CNC machines tool.

Bezzera produces professional and semi-professional espresso coffee machines, exporting to about 50 countries, thanks to a select network of dealers.

Bezzera Arcadia De Pid

ARCADIA Bezzera reliability and know-how, enhanced by the current technological solutions, create a new coffee machine model for the most

Bezzera Otto

OTTO OVERVIEW Combines the practicality of a compact machine with the production capacity of a 2 groups espresso coffee machine,

Bezzera Woody

WOODY The new WOODY espresso coffee machines range resume main BEZZERA’s distinctive marks: reliability, robustness, versatility adds elegant details. The

Bezzera BZ10

The model BZ10 is practical and economic, can be installed anywhere without connections to water supply net, thanks to boiler

Bezzera BZ09

The Espresso coffee machine BZ09 is an excellent quality product with professional components which allows to get coffee and creamy

Bezzera BZ16

The model BZ16 works with pump and solenoid valves for the coffee group. It is available in version with tank

Bezzera Aria

ARIA MN ARIA MN vibration pump can be installed anywhere without the need for connections to the water mains, easy to

Bezzera Crema

The model CREMA, is a unique master piece with rosewood handles and fine finishes. It can be installed anywhere without

Bezzera Duo

The new Duo model is a sophisticated compact semi-professional espresso coffee machine with the production capacity of a professional unit;

Bezzera Verticale – Eagle

EAGLE This model is a faithful replica of the Belle Epoque period, the body is handmade with first choice materials.

Bezzera Victoria

VICTORIA HEAVY DUTY MULTI-BOILER TECHNOLOGY VICTORIA coffee machine system meets the request of the Worldwide coffee industry evolution; the triple

Bezzera Arcadia Brewing Profile

ARCADIA Bezzera reliability and know-how, enhanced by the current technological solutions, create a new coffee machine model for the most

Bezzera SIRIO Q

SIRIO Q Sirio-Q has been created to revolutionize the way of grinding thecoee. The new premium grinder has been developed

Bezzera MATRIX

MATRIX The Matrix model represents innovation in the world of semi-automatic espresso coffee machines. It combines traditional “LEVER” technology with