In the first months of 1974 Luciano Gnocchi, who had been responsible of the development and projects office of an important industry of the sector for several years, founded his own company starting to manufacture spiral mixers, that was a real novelty at that time.

Bowl Adapter

The AMS model Bowl adapter mix similar to the previous ones in the part of the mixer with automatic pulling

Automatized system for dough resting bowl

Designed entirely by Sigma research & development department, by partnering with a leader company in the world of robotics, the

Green Line

This line of fixed bowl spiral mixers GREEN LINE is characterized by the following main features: 25% energy saving at


To enrich its several dough solutions, Sigma introduces a new automatic Carousel. Such a solution, that can be made of

Silver Line

The VE series, spiral mixers with removable bowl are the latest production for advanced performance and high expertise. Great results

Red Line

This line of fixed bowl spiral mixer is distinguished by the following features: a solid and sturdy construction; widely covered

Direct Line Mix

The model Direct Line Mix is the easiest and is made of mixer with removable bowl, the trolley of which,

Planetary mixer lifters

The tilting lifter designed for the line PE tanks is essential to discharge the product, when it cannot be done

Tauro Labo

Optimize all your bakery recipes with experimental trials on our laboratory mixers. Tauro Labo spiral mixers are kneading machines designed

Dissolving Tank

Tank suitable for dissolving and keeping chocolate and fats such as pats of butter, palm oil and margarine at a

Super Premium

The mixers of the SUPER PREMIUM line are equipped with a spiral and a removable bowl that rotates through a


Easy Industrial Planetary mixers are ideal for all types of soft dough: salted doughs, bread and pizza, biscuits, cream, sponge

Tauro VE

The double and single spiral mixers with removable bowl of the DoubleMix VE and SingleMix VE series are the latest

Electric Cooker

Electric cookers essential in the food industry for preparing and cooking a variety of types of products: to name just


It is made of a structure in electro-welded steel sheet supported by a stainless steel plate that guarantees its stability.