In the first months of 1974 Luciano Gnocchi, who had been responsible of the development and projects office of an important industry of the sector for several years, founded his own company starting to manufacture spiral mixers, that was a real novelty at that time.

Maciste Max

MACISTE MAX is a lifter very similar, for its structure, to the Maciste one. The only difference is that the

Perfect Mix

The professional planetary mixers of the Perfect Mix line are flexible and versatile. The pastry chef, through the touchscreen panel,

Multilines Hopper Mix

The model Multilines Hopper similar to the previous model follows closely its structure and use. The difference is the hopper


The RF300 is a sturdy and simple grinder, equipped with 300 mm cylinders in granite, abutments in cast iron, hardened,

Multimix Hopper

The Automatic Mixing System model Multimix Hopper is made of a system with moving hopper that collects dough from two


Professional dough sheeters are indispensable for artisan pastry and artisan pasta factories. With Sigma dough sheeters it is possible to

Planetary Cooker

It is the complete Cooker par excellence, and is available in a number of versions: 1 fixed speed, 2 fixed

Long loaf moulder

The machine proposed here performs the typical functions which have made it indispensable for any bakery to obtain “banana” shaped

Plant for the production of baguettes and rolled-up bread

The plant includes some standard SIGMA products as the mixer with removable bowl, the lifter, the feeding hopper, the volumetric


PE is the name of this line of planetary mixers with exceptional features. With their outstanding speed ratio, they offer

Baguette moulder

The machine is planned under the traditional rules to produce great baguettes and any loaves. The dough is laminated first

Bowl Adapter

The AMS model Bowl adapter mix similar to the previous ones in the part of the mixer with automatic pulling

Automatized system for dough resting bowl

Designed entirely by Sigma research & development department, by partnering with a leader company in the world of robotics, the

Green Line

This line of fixed bowl spiral mixers GREEN LINE is characterized by the following main features: 25% energy saving at


To enrich its several dough solutions, Sigma introduces a new automatic Carousel. Such a solution, that can be made of