UDR530 – 680

Specification UDR530 UDR680
Capacity 24 kg 35 kg
Drum volume 530 l 680 l
Drum diameter 930 mm 930 mm
Airflow 950 l/s 1200 l/s
Drying average 0.384 l/min 0.560 l/min
Fan power 0.55 kW 0.55 kW
Drive power 0.25 kW 0.25 kW
Gas heating energy 33/39 kW 46/50 kW
Gas heating energy 112.6/133.1 kBTU/h 157.9/170.6 kBTU/h
Electrical connection 3×220-240V 50Hz, 1×220-240V 50Hz, 3×380-415V 50Hz 3×220-240V 50Hz, 1×220-240V 50Hz, 3×380-415V 50Hz
Gas connection 3/4″ 3/4″
Electrical heating energy 30/36 kW 36/48 kW
Electrical connection 3×220-240V 60Hz, 3×380-415V 50Hz, 3×480V 60Hz 3×220-240V 60Hz, 3×380-415V 50Hz, 3×480V 60Hz
Steam heating electrical connection 1x208V-240V 60Hz (3x380V-415V 50/60Hz) 1x208V-240V 60Hz (3x380V-415V 50/60Hz)
Steam connection (NPT) 3/4″ 3/4″
Steam output (*) 27-36.2 kW 39.3-52.7 kW
Steam pressure 7-10 bar 7-10 bar
Exhaust 200 mm 200 mm
Programmer Easy Control with antivandal (ECT) – Standard Easy Control with antivandal (ECT) – Standard
Full Control Available Available
Dimensions (H×W×D) 1975 x 965 x 1270 mm 1975 x 965 x 1490 mm
Net weight 275 kg 305 kg
Packed dimensions (H×W×D) 2075 x 1040 x 1320 mm 2075 x 1040 x 1540 mm
Gross weight 300 kg 330 kg

1. Programmer 2. Lock of the control panel 3. Emergency stop button (not applicable for version with coin meter) 4. Lint screen cover 5. Door lock microswitch 6. Lint cover microswitch 7. Lint screen 8. Name plate 9. Main switch 10. Main power supply 11. Heating chamber 12. Gas valve (G models only) 13. Pressure regulator (G models only) 14. Gas supply (G models only) 15. Airflow switch 16. Suction 17. Exhaust piping 18. Steam supply 19. Condense

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