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The UM202 features a rugged all stainless steel design, which makes it perfect for the rough, always-wet car wash environment. Two wash tubs and a center extractor, boasting up to almost 700 G-Force, combine to get wipe down towels back in service faster than conventional laundry equipment. A straight-forward design means the unit can be installed on virtually any surface with no bolting required.



Approx. Output/Hour – lb (kg)100-120 (45-54)

Voltage / Hz / Phase CircuitO

One Extract Motor – HP (kW)1 (.75)

Extract Speed – RPM1725

G-Force (Extract) @ 60 Hz690

Extract Compartments1

Two Wash Motors – HP (kW)0.5 (.38)

Wash Compartments2

One Drain Outlet – in (mm)2 (50)

One Cold Water Inlet – in (mm)75 (19)

One Hot Water Inlet – in (mm)75 (19)

Overall Length – in (mm)60 (1524)

Overall Depth – in (mm)29.5 (749)

Overall Height – in (mm)40.5 (1029)

Net Weight – lb (kg)526 (239)


Control Panel

UM202 Control Panel

Left and Right Control Panel


Faster Cycle Time

The UM202 from UniMac provides you with a faster cycle time for a higher level of production. The specially designed rectangular tubs allow for more agitation, and the combined spray rinse and extraction step reduces cycle time.

Reduce Drying Time

UniMac has built a reputation on offering industry-leading extraction speeds. The higher the G-Force, the more water is removed from fabric, thus reducing the drying time. With 690 G-Force, the UM202 has towels ready to wipe down cars without the need for further drying.

The Right Amount Of Water All The Time

To ensure that the proper amount of water is always in the cylinder, the UM202 uses a water-level switch to maintain the selected fill level.

Lower Utility Costs

With the Turbo Jet Spray and adjustable spray nozzle, the UM202 uses less water per pound of soiled linen than any machine of similar capacity. The UM202 also uses less hot water and has the highest G-Force in the industry, further reducing energy consumption.

Ease To Use And Maintain

The UM202’s basic design allows for low maintenance and easy troubleshooting. Also, ease of training and operation is achieved through red dots that designate standard cycle settings on the control panels.

Simple Installation

The UM202 requires no special flooring, doesn’t need to be bolted to the floor and is great for car washes with our UL “rainproof enclosure.”

Built To Last

UniMac has manufactured quality, long-lasting and durable commercial laundry equipment for more than 70 years. The UM202 is the only heavy-duty, ALL stainless-steel toploading washer- extractor in the world.

Strong Limited Parts Warranty

Our two-year limited parts warranty protects you if failure should occur during normal operation due to defects in material or workmanship.

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