Moretti Forni pizza oven – 1 room, 4 pizzas or 2 grates 600×400 mm


  • MORETTI Professional baking room from the energy efficiency class series
  • Electrical version
  • Brightly lit baking chamber with bottom of refractory brick, sandblasted and heat-insulated to the outside
  • Energy-saving insulation
  • Special front panel for limiting heat loss when opening the door
  • Vapor extraction from stainless steel on top
  • Manually operated door with continuous stainless steel handle, fold downwards, with heat-insulating glass
  • Maximum operating temperature +450 ° C, electronically adjustable for best baking results
    electronic control unit with multilingual 5 “display for start / stop, timer, lighting with thermo element, Economy function for saving energy and overheating protection of housing (max. +65 ° C)
  • 100 program memory locations
  • Energy-efficient automatic temperature control, which adapts to the quantity of products to be baked (Adaptive-Power Technology®)
  • Separate temperature control of top and bottom heat in the baking chamber (Dual-Temp® technology)
  • Eco-Standby® technology for energy-saving standby mode
  • Power-Booster® technology for more power at peak loads
  • Halfload® technology for only half occupied baking rooms
  • Hot key (‘hot key’) for quick access to the most used baking program
  • Program for self-diagnosis with error messages
  • Button for double baking time, to be used independently of the selected baking program
  • Two programmable on / off times per weekday
  • Overheat protection
  • USB interface (Data-Feed® system)
  • Protected installed interior lighting
  • Automatic cleaning program
  • Door frames, device housing and air ducts made of stainless steel, partly aluminized, side panels of enamelled sheet steel, in black

Pay attention:
The upper cover cap and the lower base plate (base) are both required once as thermal sealing elements, regardless of whether you choose 1, 2 or 3 baking rooms.

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