Industrial pizza line

Sigma Pizza Industrial Line is a patented cold system for spreading pizza dough balls with rollers. The patented system designed by Sigma reproduces the soft manual dexterity of the pizzaiolo respecting the quality of dough and the gluten net. It provides craftsmanship quality in industrial production.

The Pizza Industrial Line supplies pizza soft bases adjustable in diameter and thickness. One of the advantages of the line is its versatility: it allows to realize different diameters (from 20 to 40 cm) with different ball weights (from 100 to 500 gr) handling dough very gently

Pizza Industrial Line provides 800 pieces/hour per single row. The machine can be configured from 1 to 5 heads in parallel for maximum production of 3.200 pizzas/hour.

The Pizza Industrial Line comes with an automatic flour duster for the belt and another one for dough balls. A centring device correctly places dough balls on the conveyor belt that carries them to the first spreading head; afterwards obtained discs are floured again and taken to the final spreading head. The use is simple and practical. The shapes are always perfect.

The machine is designed to be integrated with a ball feeding system and a subsequent process of topping with tomato and mozzarella.

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