Potato peeler

The potato peeler and onion peeler are made entirely of stainless steel and are fitted with the most up to date safety devices. The EC version, in accordance with European Community safety standards, is equipped with an electric pushbutton panel with a 24-volt electronic board, safety microswitches both on the door and on the cover and a red mushroom head emergency stop button.
The machines are equipped with a belt-drive gear motor with a quiet, safe and easily adjustable multigrip belt.
The transparent glass cover allows the operator to monitor the processing.
The automatic water intake and discharge device is Ř 50 mm for the potato peeler and Ř 70 mm for the onion peeler.
The plate of the potato peeler is made of silicon carbide or aluminium while the very fine-grained plate of the onion peeler rotates 20% more slowly than the one of the potato peeler.
The multigrip belt is quiet, safe and easily adjustable.

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