Feeding Hopper Mix

The model Feeding Hopper Mix is completely similar to the previous one in the structure and in its working. This lifter with unloading height of mt. 2,6 allows to unload dough in a feeding hopper that has to measure out the quantity of dough present in the hopper of the underlying volumetric divider. Since the system provides to deposit in the feeding hopper a prefixed number of dough pieces with the same weight from 8 to 12 kg, it is provided with two depth sensors. One is placed on the edge of the hopper of the divider, and reports when the quantity of dough is at the lower limit. The second sensor reports the lower limit of the feeding hopper and gives the consent for the lifting and the consequent unloading of the dough waiting on the lifter. This system can use mixers with single spiral up to 300 kg dough and also mixers with double spiral of 330 kg able to mix 2500 kg per hour.

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