Automatized system for dough resting bowl

Designed entirely by Sigma research & development department, by partnering with a leader company in the world of robotics, the Automatic systems for the management of dough rest process in the tank allows the integration of all the automated mixing solutions produced by Sigma with a system where a six-axis robot manages the dough rest process of the dough in the tank, placing the tanks on one or more shelving that can be located even in a pre-rising prover and/or proofing chamber. After the predetermined time has elapsed, the robot retakes the tanks and, according to the programme set, unloads the dough into a mixer for the further finishing step or inside a hopper for production line feeding. There are many possible solutions that can satisfy also the most important production needs. The high versatility of these machines offers the possibility to assemble the robot on a track, thus allowing the travelling of “long” distances and the integration in the process of further tasks such as loading, unloading, lubrication, scraping, washing and lubrication of the tanks. The system is controlled by means of a touch-screen control panel with PLC, offering a customised user interface, the customisation of the work cycle according to the customer’s needs, the traceability of the tanks in motion and the possible integration with other existing systems.

For the rest phase, conical tanks in alimentary polyethylene are used, economic and light to be handled, with different containment capacity of the dough. The project can be in various configurations being different in size, capacity and hourly production capacity, having the possibility to integrate all Sigma standards machines, in different types and sizes. Sigma offers this system in combination with Idromix, one of its latest patents for dough pre-mixing, integrated with a Carousel automated mixing system, with all the automated mixing system or in combination with one or more spiral mixers with bottom bowl discharge. Sigma technical office is available for designing and evaluating customised configurations for its customers.

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