Easy Industrial Planetary mixers are ideal for all types of soft dough: salted doughs, bread and pizza, biscuits, cream, sponge cake. They are made in a thickness steel for a guarantee of sturdiness and reliability. All mechanical parts used for the movement of the tools and planetary are in oil bath. The mixture group, housed inside a bell, is composed by two interchangeable tools according to the recipe, in addition to the scraper. The ratio of the planetary motion between tools and scraper is 1:4. Using a practical bayonet connection the tools can be quickly interchanged with very short stopping times. The bell, built in steel AISI 304, is equipped at the base with a special alimentary silicone gasket that, thanks to a pneumatic system, allows to pressurized the bowl during the working process with an operating pressure of 0,8 bar, obtaining, in this way, a natural mixture amalgam of air particles in the dough. This effect develops a surprising result during cooking allowing, therefore, to work with less yeast. At request the system can work under negative pressure. The ingredients can be put directly in the bowl, also during the mixing phase, through two feeding tubes that can be connected to silos for automatic loading. The standard tools supplied with the mixer are two thin wired whisks. At request we can supply blades with two or four sides, spirals, special thick wired whisks and the scarper.

Always at request a bowl with hollow space can be supplied in order to allow a great a great flexibility both in heating and cooling the dough inside. The machine can be equipped with an automatic washing system at the end of the cycle. The electric board installed on the machine is equipped with inverter for speed regulation. The control panel is formed by an electronic card with which the customer can program up to 10 recipes, through the setting of the speeds and the mixing times. At request a PLC can be equipped with a touch-screen for storing recipes previously tested. An interface can also be added for the automatic loading of ingredients. The lift and descent of the bowl is automatic allowing the total disengagement of the tools The huge power reserve and their outstanding sturdiness make them ideal for an industrial use.

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