COOKING MODE: AC (Automatic Cooking) automatic cooking system for Italian and international recipes, automatic cooking program, and photographic presentation of the dish. Manual mode with three immediate start cooking modes: convection from 30°C to 270°C, steam from 30°C to 130°C, combined convection + steam from 30°C to 270°C. Preheating up to 300°C. Multicooking mode – Ability to cook different foods simultaneously with different cooking times. Smart Climate – System that automatically manages the perfect climate in the cooking chamber. AT Smoker for barbecue system, with external chip smoker (optional).

USAGE: Start automatic cooking (AC) with “one-touch” operation. Organize recipes into categories with previews. Intelligent recognition of recipes in multilevel folders. 7-inch high-definition capacitive LCD color screen with touch screen functions. Cool Down function for rapid cooling of the cooking chamber using a fan. Automatic restart of cooking in case of power interruption. Rapid cooling with optional water injection into the cooking chamber. User interface with the option to choose from 6 languages. 95 recipes are available. Each recipe has been tested to ensure optimal results. Possibility to view and modify the recipe at any time.

CONTROL FEATURES: Autoreverse (automatic reversal of fan rotation) for perfect cooking uniformity. Parallel temperature control in the chamber and at the core. Automatic regulation of steam condensation. Easy access to user-programmable parameters to customize equipment settings. Ability to choose from 6 ventilation speeds; the first 3 speeds automatically activate power reduction. Intermittent speed for special cooking requirements. Temperature control at the core of the product with a 4-point detection probe. Fixed multipoint core probe, ø 3 mm (mod. 061-101-062-102). Connection of core probe via external connector to the cooking chamber (mod. 161-201-202). USB connection for downloading HACCP data, software updates, and loading/unloading cooking programs. Option to set oven shutdown at the end of the automatic cleaning program. User profile lock (specific function for Quick Service Restaurants – QSR). Ready for SN energy optimization system (electric models).

SERVICE PROGRAM: Electronic board function testing – Temperature probe display – Operating hour counters for all major functions for scheduled maintenance. Self-diagnosis for functional verification before use, with descriptive and audible indication of any anomalies. Low-consumption LED lighting in the cooking chamber. Optimal visibility at all points of the cooking chamber. Neutral light that does not alter the original colors of the product. Monitoring and control of efficiency and maintenance of the external water softener (optional). Reminder function for air filter cleaning.

SAFETY FEATURES: Safety temperature limiter in the cooking chamber. Safety device against overpressure and depression in the cooking chamber. Safety thermal switch for the motor. Electronic control sensor for door opening/closing. Electronic control for water shortage indication. Intelligent self-diagnosis with display of anomalies. Ventilated component cooling system with electronic control of overtemperature. Electronic flame detection control device that interrupts gas flow in case of accidental burner flame extinguishment. Safety pressure switch for gas shortage indication. Compliant with national and international standards for safe operation in the absence of direct operator supervision. Maximum height of the last tray shelf is 160 cm, using the specific model support (mod. 061-062-101-102). Maximum height of the last tray shelf is 160 cm (mod. 201-202). Maximum height of the tray shelf is 160 cm (with roller kit option, mod. 161). In the event of a power interruption during cleaning, hygiene is always guaranteed as the washing cycle automatically restarts.


packaging. 90% product recycling rate. Quality Certification ISO 9001 / Safety Certification ISO 45001 / Environmental Certification ISO 14001. Operation without the addition of a water softener and decalcification (model with steam generator).

CLEANING AND MAINTENANCE: Automatic washing system. Separate detergent container with automatic dosing. CALOUT anti-scale system that prevents the formation and accumulation of limescale in the steam generator (for models with steam generator). Separate container and automatic dosing for anti-scale treatment. Easy access for equipment maintenance from the right side. 7 automatic washing programs, without the need for operator presence after starting: Manual – Rinse – Soft – Eco – Hard – Hard Plus – Grill. Manual washing system with external handheld shower. Easy external cleaning thanks to stainless steel and glass surfaces, and IPX4 (counter models) and IPX5 (floor models) water jet protection rating.

GAS OPERATION: Indirect gas heating system with modulating flame premixed burners and high-efficiency forced air. Automatic burner ignition with high-frequency electronic spark generator. Electronic flame control and self-diagnostic device with automatic ignition restoration. High-efficiency heat exchanger with refractory steel expansion chamber.

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