To enrich its several dough solutions, Sigma introduces a new automatic Carousel. Such a solution, that can be made of various personalized stationings, has been projected to face high productivity needs. Thanks to its versatility, it can include: a station of ingredients loading, one or more dough stationings with a mixer (with one or double spiral) and a discharging stationing with a lifter. The compact system is made of a central hydraulic core moving the bowls; it allows a clockwise and/or an anticlockwise rotation of 360° using a tested magnetic locking bowl system. What strongly distinguishes Sigma carousel from the exhisting ones is that it can include the premix system called Idromix, that, patented by Sigma, is a real innovation in the market. In fact it allows a bigger productivity and a bigger hydration of dough . The system can include a stationing for the rest and the fermentation of dough. Such a stationing can be automatized or it can be manual. It could include also a double bowls tilting system, able to tilt also rest customer’s bowls.

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