Bezzera Arcadia De Pid


Bezzera reliability and know-how, enhanced by the current technological solutions, create a new coffee machine model for the most demanding users satisfaction.
The adjustable brewing groups temperature, the customizable pressure profile for each key, combined with an accurate setting of the “brew ratio”, allow to brew a perfect espresso … It is not over….!
Thanks to an innovative patent and an hydraulic system consisting of 2 independent circuits able to provide a certified thermal stability, Arcadia is the first professional espresso machine able to prepare coffee with the drip brewing method, with the same brewing head used to brew an espresso (only available on DE BREWING PROFILE versions).

4 programmable coffee doses for each additional group on a continuous key and a command for mixed hot water dispensing to reduce energy consumption to a minimum and dispensewater at the ideal temperature for use.
The PID system with a 3.5″ TFT display allows the user to manage the temperature of each group individually, and make the best of different mixtures, without harming the performance of the service boiler, also managed by a programmable display thermostat. A practical menu displays the number of drinks dispensed, and the main malfunction alarms or maintenance reminders.


  • Groups controlled by thermostat: with 50W resistance to maintain a constant temperature even in conditions of maximum use.
  • Boiler in copper: provides excellent productivity of steam and hot water; the levels in the boiler are automatically controlled by an electronic control unit.
  • Heat exchangers: thanks to a system of heat exchangers feed by a hydraulic circuit separate from the boiler, the coffee is always brewed by means of a flow of fresh water.
  • Safety: double safety of the boiler guaranteed by an safety thermostat and by an overpressure hydraulic valve.
  • Versatility: the wide working area and the unique trays allow to use cups up to 14cm high, in addition to the traditional espresso coffee cups. All Arcadia models are equipped with internal volumetric motor pump inside the machine that is directly connected to the water mains.
  • Optional: Auto Foamer (only on DE BREWING PROFILE).
  • Wi-Fi: a modern Wi-Fi module allows for the machine to be connected with any smartphone, tablet or PC with a wireless card in order to check parameters, program and download dispensing profiles, and create sharable program files with any operating system.

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