Animo OptiVend 32 TS NG – 3 instant canisters


The new OptiVend Next Generation from Animo is a brewing system for instant coffee that allows you to make delicious coffee at any time of the day. One push of a button and within a few seconds you have delicious coffee in your favorite flavor. So will it be an espresso, latte macchiato, cappuccino? Or do you prefer tea? With the new OptiVend, the choice is yours. Because tastes differ.

A lot of taste

How do you prefer to start the day? With a full cappuccino or a strong espresso? Tastes differ, especially when it comes to coffee. And variety makes life fun. With the OptiVend you can choose exactly what you want at any time of the day.

+ The selection menu has 7 or 12 freely programmable recipe keys. This allows you to choose your own cup of coffee at any time.
+ The OptiVend has space for 1 to 6 canisters for instant ingredients. The more canisters, the greater the choice.
+ The personal preference is easy to set with the strength control, because tastes differ.
+ The OptiVend has a separate outlet for hot water, so that the tea only tastes like tea.
+ You can see which choice you have made on the clear display.

Easy and fast

The OptiVend is user-friendly in all respects. It is easy to install, maintain and operate. The technology and construction ensure years of trouble-free use. The OptiVend is ready. At any time.

+ Operation with the selection keys is simple. What you choose will appear on the display.
+ The OptiVend has a large capacity. It brews cup after cup without heating in between.
+ With an OptiVend on three-phase power (optional), you can put thermos jug after thermos without waiting time.
+ The OptiVend can be placed anywhere. An electrical outlet and water connection are sufficient. If no water connection is available, you can opt for a stand-alone set (see accessories).
+ Refilling is easy and mess-free.
+ You can clean the OptiVend without opening the door. Easy and hygienic.
+ The OptiVend is pre-programmed. So simple, plug and play.
+ The flavors can be set flexibly. Adjusting is done with a pin code so that there is no accidental ‘reset’.

Always ready

A quick cup in between or several thermos for a meeting? The OptiVend Next Generation is always ready for use and can make a lot of coffee in a short time. So you never have to wait long. The coffee is always at the right temperature and perfectly flavoured. And thanks to the reliable technology and durable construction, it will last for years.

+ The OptiVend has a timer and can be set up to three periods per day.
+ The Energy Save Mode ensures minimum power consumption during standby.
+ The base is made of stainless steel, indestructible and fully recyclable.
+ The boiler is extra insulated and therefore energy efficient.

Design for every environment

The OptiVend Next Generation is powerful on the inside and beautiful on the outside. It is compact, flexible and has a very unique look. The large selection buttons and LCD display are friendly and inviting. With its sleek design, the OptiVend fits into any interior and any situation. In the canteen of a company or a sports club, in a hotel or theatre, at events and fairs, healthcare institutions and schools. And of course just in every office.

+ The design is a combination of stainless steel with a front colour. Standard in red, white or black.
+ With its compact shape, the OptiVend requires little space. And it fits into any interior.
+ The OptiVend is available in different versions and designs. For cups, thermos flasks and with a choice of more or less flavours.
+ The display and selection keys are inviting and easy to use.

Technical specifications

  • Dimensions WxDxH : 409x521x686 mm
  • Hourly capacity: approx. 360 cups of 120 ml.
  • Release rate : approx. 5-10 sec. per cup of 120 ml.
  • Hourly capacity hot water: approx. 40 liters
  • Canister capacity: 1x 5.1 liters and 2x 2.3 liters
  • Boiler capacity: 5.5 litres, boil dry protection
  • Connection value: 230V / 50-60Hz / 3275W
  • Water connection : 3/4 ”

The options depend on the ingredients you choose per canister.

Fashion model 11S 11(s) TS & 11 TL 21s 22 TS 32s 32 (TS) 33 (TS) 42 (TS) 43 (TS) 53 (TS) 63 (TS)
Coffee (jugs)
coffee milk
latte macchiato
Coffee Chocolate
chocolatemilk O O
Vienna Melange
Hot water
Espresso Chocolate O O
Decaf O O O O O O O
Tea O O O O O O O O
coffee sugar O O O
Double espresso
soup O O O O O O O O O
hot milk
Cold water
Factory default setting
Adjustable (depending on chosen ingredients)
O After installing optional software

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