Animo OptiCool TS – water cooler


Water cooler for cool, fresh and pure water. Temperature adjustable from 2 to 12 degrees, easy dosing by means of push and hold system.

The OptiCool is compact in size and can be used anywhere. Immediately ready for use after installation thanks to plug and play setting. The OptiCool is equipped with a direct cooling system (direct chill) and a fixed water connection. The machine is made of high-quality stainless steel 18/9 and has a stylish display. Very user-friendly and low-maintenance.

A delicious, cooling glass of water offers a pleasant refreshment for people. With the OptiCool, the world’s most famous thirst quencher is always within reach. Ideal for the office, waiting room, sports center or in the catering industry.

Wonderfully cool, fresh and pure water

With the OptiCool, Animo offers wonderfully cool, fresh and pure water at any time of the day. The OptiCool is a water cooler that you simply connect to the water supply. This means you always have cooled water. The OptiCool is equipped with direct cooling via an aluminum block, so that external influences are virtually excluded and the quality of the water is optimal. By means of a filter, any chlorine residues and other off-flavors can be removed from the water. Lifting heavy water bottles and keeping them in stock is now a thing of the past. With the OptiCool you save on the purchase costs and storage space of water bottles.

Technical specifications

  • Dimensions WxDxH: 226x490x580 mm
  • Drain height: 267 mm
  • Hourly capacity of chilled water: approx. 10 liters (approx. 80 glasses of 120 ml).
  • Release speed: approx. 2.5 sec. per glass of 120 ml.
  • Start-up time: approx. 9 min.
  • Temperature adjustable: 2 ° C – 12 ° C
  • Connection value: 1N ~ 220-240V / 50Hz / 225W
  • Water connection: 3/4 ”
Fashion model OptiCool OptiCool TS
Article number 10445 10440
Release rate 2.5 sec / glass 2.5 sec / glass
Hour capacity chilled water * approx. 10 liters (approx. 80 glasses of 120 ml.) 18 ltr. / approx. 144 cups
Boot time approx. 9 min. approx. 9 min.
Adjustable temperature 2 ° C – 12 ° C 2 ° C – 12 ° C
Connection value 1N ~ 230V / 50Hz / 225W 1N ~ 230V / 50Hz / 225W
Water connection 3/4 ” 3/4 ”
Dimensions (W x D x H) 226 x 490 x 580 mm 226 x 490 x 580 mm
Drain height 118 mm 267 mm
Refrigerant R134a R134a
Min. water pressure 0.02 MPa (0.2 bar) 0.02 MPa (0.2 bar)
Max. water pressure 1 MPa (10 bar) 1 MPa (10 bar)
Weight (empty) 24.3 kg 24.3 kg
Weight (filled) 24.5 kg 24.5 kg

* inlet temperature 20 ° C

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