Animo OptiBean 2 Touch – Bean canisters: 1 – Instant canisters: 1


OptiBean, a machine with taste. Distinctive in design, reliable in technology. For the best coffee you can serve. Each cup is freshly brewed with a delicious crema. Lots of choice variety. Simple to operate and easy to clean.

  • Intuitive touchscreen control panel for easy use
  • Reversed espresso brewing system
  • Coffee grinder with ceramic grinding discs (Ditting®, 300,000 cups)
  • Suitable for cups and thermos jugs
  • Double spout for the real espresso experience
  • Separate hot water supply
  • OptiLight LED lighting
  • Strength control (also for milk and sugar)
  • STOP button
  • Intelligent energy-saving mode
  • Energy label A +
  • Cleaning program (front operation)
  • Consumption registration
  • Rotary pump (Procon) 10 bar
  • Insulated stainless steel boiler with boil-dry protection
  • Adjustable water temperature
  • Adjustable speed of mixer motor
  • Stainless steel housing
  • Four adjustable feet for optimal stability
  • Prepared for telemetry (EVA DTS / MDB / DEX-UCS)
  • Prepared for various payment systems (MDB)
  • Door available as standard in black (RAL 9005), white (RAL 9003) or stainless steel

Your moment

Real coffee is really enjoyment. You have to take some time for that. No matter how busy it is and wherever you are. Pure coffee, freshly ground and at the right temperature. You don’t have to go to an Italian terrace for it. It can actually be anywhere. Because with the OptiBean from Animo you can make real espresso and many variants in no time. This makes every moment your perfect coffee moment.

Enjoy easily

The OptiBean is user-friendly in every respect. It is easy to install and requires little maintenance. Simple operation via touchscreen or display with selection buttons. Enjoy your favorite coffee, espresso or tea in seconds. It can be that simple.

+ Intuitive operation via the clear user interface
+ Easy to swipe between the different pages
+ 24 easily adjustable drinks
+ Follow the brewing process on the screen
+ Simple strength adjustment
+ Own logo, image, video or advertisement as a screen saver

Pure taste

Powerful espresso, perfect cappuccino or simply very tasty coffee. It’s about taste, the pure taste of freshly ground coffee. You create that with the OptiBean from Animo. He grinds the beans and makes authentic espresso. The OptiBean is for connoisseurs, for purists, people who love real fresh coffee.

+ The OptiBean makes freshly ground coffee at any time
+ You can choose from many espresso varieties, such as cappuccino, caffè latte and latte macchiato
+ Firm espresso or rather a bit milder? With the strength control you ensure that the coffee is exactly as strong as you want it
+ You can also opt for instant products such as milk and chocolate
+ There is a separate outlet for hot water, so that tea only tastes like tea
+ With the mixer system, the speed (rpm) of the mixer motor can be set according to preference for each topping
+ User-friendly in every way
+ OptiBean 4, a quick brew of coffee or integrate sugar with the additional ingredient canister.

In addition to the OptiBean, the OptiBean XL is equipped with an extra-large espresso system for larger, fuller cups.

Sustainable quality

The best coffee is also a matter of technique. The Swiss grinder and the Italian brewing system in the OptiBean together ensure a perfect espresso.

+ The OptiBean remains reliable, even with intensive use
+ The reversed brewer is controlled by an (external) 230 V motor and is silent in use
+ The ceramic discs of the grinder last a lifetime
+ Available with standard brewer or XL brewer for larger, fuller cups
+ Each device has been extensively manually tested

The OptiBean is not only technically perfect, it is also durable. The materials and construction guarantee years of trouble-free use. Moreover, it is economical with energy. That is good for you and for the environment.

+ The machine is completely constructed from durable materials.
+ The basic material is stainless steel: durable and 100% recyclable.
+ With the energy label A +, the OptiBean is energy-efficient. This thanks to the:
• LED-lighting
• Extra insulated boiler (savings of approx. 50%)
• Intelligent Energy Save Mode (during standby)

Tasteful design

not just in the coffee. The device itself can also be seen. With its sleek lines, LED lighting and high-quality finish, the OptiBean is a stylish eye-catcher in any interior.

+ The display and selection keys are inviting and friendly
+ Available with touchscreen or display with selection buttons
+ Bright LED / OptiLight lighting can be set according to your own preferences
+ Available in many different colors
+ The coffee beans are visible, for the delicious espresso feeling
+ Company branding on the glass plate and / or side panels
+ Winner iF Design Award 2018
+ German Design Award 2019 nomination

Can be used anywhere

The OptiBean from Animo can be placed and used anywhere. For example:

+ Office
+ Hotel
+ Restaurant
+ Supermarket
+ Hospital
+ Canteen
+ Breakfast locations
+ Gas station
+ Kiosk
+ Sports association
+ Care complex
+ Stock exchange building
+ Airport
+ School
+ Theater
… and much more.

Technical specifications

  • Brewing time coffee (120 ml): 25 – 30 sec
  • Hourly capacity: approx. 120 cups of 120 ml
  • Contents brewing system: 6.5 – 9.5 gr. / 50-150 ml
  • Connection value: 220-240V / 50-60Hz / 2275W
  • Adjustable cup tray: 60 – 115 mm
  • Max. discharge height: 167 mm
  • Insulated stainless steel boiler (1.1 l)
  • Ceramic grinding discs (Ditting®) last up to approx. 300,000 cups
  • Water connection: ¾ ”
  • Large waste bin: 7 l
Content espresso brewing system: 6.5 – 9.5 gr 6.5 – 9.5 gr 6.5 – 9.5 gr 6.5 – 9.5 gr 6.5 – 9.5 gr
Espresso content
brewing system XL:
9.5 – 13.4 gr 9.5 – 13.4 gr 9.5 – 13.4 gr 9.5 – 13.4 gr 9.5 – 13.4 gr
bean canister / instant canister 1/1 1/2 1/3 1/1 1/2
Bean canister: 1500 gr 1500 gr 1500 gr 1500 gr 1500 gr
Topping / milk: 2300 gr 970 gr (1.6 ltr) 970 gr (1.6 ltr) 2300 gr 970 gr (1.6 ltr)
cacao: 2440 gr (3.8 ltr) 1000 gr (1.6 ltr) 1000 gr (1.6 ltr) 2440 gr (3.8 ltr) 1000 gr (1.6 ltr)
Topping / milk: 410 gr (1.0 ltr)
Cacao: 610 gr (1.0 ltr)
Sugar: 750 gr (1.0 ltr)
Instant coffee: 200 gr (1.0 ltr)
Number of mixers: 1 1 2 1 1
Number of selection keys: 24 24 24 12 12
Dimensions mm (wxdxh): 409x656x792 409x565x792 455x565x792 409x565x792 409x565x792

OPTIONS The options depend on the ingredients you choose per canister.

Fashion model OptiBean 2 (XL) Touch OptiBean 3 (XL) Touch OptiBean 4 (XL) Touch
Coffee (jugs)
Coffee milk
Coffee sugar
Coffee milk & sugar
Latte Macchiato
Coffee Choc
Wiener Melange
Hot water
Espresso Choc
Hot milk
Double espresso
Instant coffee
Cold water O O O
Factory default setting
Adjustable (depending on chosen ingredients)
O Possible with cooling unit in base cabinet

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