Animo MT-LINE thermos flask machine – MT100v – manual water filling


Animo M-LINE thermos flask machine – MT100v – manual water filling

Coffee maker for use with thermos. Adjustable in height. Incl. plastic drip tray for thermos flask. Excl. thermos flask.

  • Dimensions H-min = 540 / max = 650
  • Spout height min = 275 / max = 385
  • Colour black
Fully equipped
  • manual water filling on the front
  • height-adjustable column
  • brewing time; approx. 6-8 minutes per can
  • capacity; 18 liters of coffee per hour
  • Candle detection starts and stops the brewing process
  • leak stop
  • coffee-ready audio signal
  • descaling indication
  • touch keys
  • dry-boil protection that can be reset from the outside
  • 220-240 V / 2100 W
Suitable for all thermos flasks
With the MT100v coffee maker you can make fresh filter coffee, simply and quickly, directly in a thermos flask. The column is continuously adjustable in height. This makes the coffee maker suitable for almost all sizes of thermos flasks. The brewing time is 6-8 minutes (depending on content) per jug.
Optimal ease of use
The coffee maker has water filling on the front. This allows you to easily fill the coffee maker. The handy touch keys on the top give you optimum ease of use. As soon as the coffee is ready, the coffee maker gives an audible signal.
Unique candy detection
Thanks to the patented tooth detection you prevent the filter from overflowing if you remove the jug during the brewing process to pour a cup of coffee. The leakage stop closes the filter, this prevents dripping.
Easy to maintain
A descaling indication indicates when it is time to clean the machine. Cleaning is very easy.
Contemporary look
Coffee makers from the M-LINE have, partly due to the use of stainless steel in combination with plastic, a striking and contemporary look. In short, an asset to any location!

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