Animo machine – OptiFresh 1 Touch


Animo machine – OptiFresh 1 Touch

  • Brewing time coffee (120 ml): 28 sec
  • Hourly capacity approx. 130 cups of 120 ml / approx. 15 liters
  • Connection value: 1N ~ 230V / 50-60Hz / 2300W
  • Adjustable cup tray: 60-115 mm
  • Max drain height: 167 mm
  • Capacity insulated stainless steel boiler: 3 l
  • Water connection 3/4 “
  • Waste bin volume: 6.7 liters (approx. 125 cups of coffee)

* We strongly recommend that this machine be installed, installed and put into operation by a recognized installer. We offer you this service separately. A service partner designated by us will install the machine for you and put it into operation according to the regulations set by Animo. This service partner will contact you directly after delivery of the machine to schedule an appointment to install the machine. You do not need to contact us for this.

** We also recommend using a water filter with these machines. Only in this way can you make a consistent quality of coffee without having it influenced by changing water quality.

OPTIFRESH 1 TOUCH: Coffee machine for fresh filter coffee

The OptiFresh from Animo is easy to operate via the touchscreen with intuitive user interface. It can be placed practically anywhere and is the perfect coffee machine for companies, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, breakfast locations, care homes, schools and (sports) canteens, for example.

Fresh filter coffee, cappuccino or tea with just a touch. It can be that simple.

Fresh Brew machine with permanent filter for the preparation of fresh filter coffee. Version with 1 canister for Fresh Brew coffee. Simple strength adjustment. Separate spout for hot water. Speed mixer system and cup tray adjustable, easy cleaning program. Large waste bin for coffee residue with signaling of full waste bin and drip tray.


Advantages of the OptiFresh Touch:

– Modern design in combination with high-quality components
– Easy to use and maintenance-friendly
– LED / OptiLight can be set to your preference
– Energy label A + thanks to Energy Save Mode and insulated stainless steel boiler
– Own logo, image, video or advertisement as a screen saver


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