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Wherever people gather, the question quickly arises: ‘Anyone for coffee?’ A jug of freshly brewed coffee is included. At the start of a fruitful working day. After completing a joint job. At meetings and presentations. At the sports club or in the culture center. By… well, you know best when.

Jug equipment

Animo has been developing and producing coffee machines for over 65 years. Our jug equipment is central in this brochure. Professional equipment that allows you to conjure up the perfect cup of fresh filter coffee on the table in no time. Or if the situation calls for it: up to 288 perfect cups per hour. With Animo jug equipment, everyone can take on the role of host. Operating and maintaining our jug equipment is as logical as it is easy.

Everything is possible at Animo

Do you want large or small jugs? Glass jugs or thermos? Do you want a device with a fixed water connection or with manual filling? Almost anything is possible at Animo. With some products you can even choose from different colors. Would you prefer to see stainless steel combined with sleek black or playful blue? The wishes of today’s coffee lover are the starting point for a high-quality range.

Animo makes hospitality easy

Animo equipment can be operated very easily. Smart facilities lead you to a tasty result without any problems. This makes it a pleasure to take on the role of host or hostess:
+ jug detection: the brewing process is automatically stopped when the jug is removed
+ leak stop facility: prevents the filter from dripping afterwards
+ coffee ready signal: a sound warns when the coffee can be served
+ touch keys: for flawless operation
+ boil-dry protection resettable from the outside

Technical specifications

  • hand water filling on the front
  • brewing time; approx. 6 minutes per jug
  • capacity; 18 liters of coffee per hour
  • jug detection starts and stops the brewing process
  • leak stop
  • coffee ready acoustic signal
  • descaling indicator
  • 2 self-regulating hot plates
  • continuous brew and pre-wet brew setting
  • touch keys
  • boil-dry protection that can be reset from the outside
  • 220-240 V / 2250 W.

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