Animo Combi-Line coffee maker – CB 1x5W L – 5 liters


Coffee maker with 1 removable container for making large quantities of coffee in a short time. Equipped with separate kettle and no-drip tap at the front.

The installation is equipped with a capacitive keypad, fixed water connection, swivel arm protection, container signaling, soft start, timer, coffee ready signal, coffee dosing advice, total and day counters. All coffee machines are made of stainless steel 18/9 and are supplied with an attachment filter,
Insert (light in weight), drip tray with grate and coffee mixer. Incl. descaling agent and coffee deposit solvent, extra gauge glass, gauge glass brush and basket filter paper for the 1st brews.

* We strongly recommend that this machine be installed, installed and commissioned by a recognized installer. We offer this service separately. A service partner designated by us will install and commission the machine for you in accordance with the instructions set by Animo. This service partner will contact you directly after delivery of the machine to schedule an appointment to install the machine. You do not need to contact us for this.

Advantages of the ComBi-line:

✔ Original filter coffee with a delicious taste
✔ New design with aluminum front
✔ Show own logo on the screen
✔ Very safe to use (CB certified)
✔ Reliable performance
✔ Easy to maintain
✔ User-friendly
✔ Pre-infusion and pulse extraction
✔ Makes coffee for 25-500 people
✔ Also perfect for large volumes of tea
✔ Adjustable volume per 0.1 liter
✔ Insulated lids on the containers and improved container heating to maintain the perfect temperature
✔ Insulated stainless steel boiler
✔ Energy saving mode (W models)
✔ Developed with care for the future

User friendly

✔ Plug and play: first installation
✔ Capacitive touch user interface
✔ Signal when coffee is ready and notification on display
✔ Container interface with LED lighting
✔ Coffee counters: per day or total
✔ New drain valve (for different labels: coffee, tea or hot water)
✔ Clear operator menu
✔ Follow the brewing process on the screen
✔ Multiple languages
✔ Contact information in case of malfunction

Everything under control with the Combi-Line

Each ComBi-line is equipped with smart features that further increase the ease of use.

✔ Timer to program the brewing process
✔ Protected operator system and service environment
✔ Manage settings for the brewing process, such as temperature and service
✔ Coffee dosing advice for the perfect taste

Durable quality

Making the best coffee is also a technical matter, and Animo equipment is a sustainable investment in every area:

✔ Indestructible and recyclable stainless steel housing
✔ All other parts are made of high-quality and durable materials
✔ Highly heat-insulating double-walled systems
✔ Insulated kettles

Safety is paramount

It is important to take safety precautions when handling hot water. All machines are very safe to use, have CB certification and are equipped with:

✔ Swivel arm protection
✔ Container signaling (for buffer applications)
✔ Stop button to interrupt water delivery at any time
✔ Drip-proof sockets
✔ No-drip tap
✔ Insulated handle for filling the hot water tube

Maintenance friendly

Everything about the ComBi-line has been developed for a long-lasting beautiful appearance and fast, easy cleaning

✔ Stainless steel and high-quality anodized aluminum
✔ No-drip taps and other carefully crafted details
✔ The coffee professional enjoys the coffee as much as the coffee drinker
✔ Built-in descaling program for removing limescale
✔ Coffee deposits in the inner pots are kept to a minimum
✔ Animo supplies special cleaning agents, descaler and coffee filters

Plastic filter holders

Lightweight and heat resistant, therefore easy to handle. The filters are also suitable for the dishwasher.

Temperature regulation

Temperature control is crucial when making coffee and tea. Animo has drink containers with and without insulation and electric temperature control to keep the drink at the perfect temperature.

Advanced keypad
+ Coffee dosing advice
+ Operator and service menu
+ Programmable timer
+ Daily and total counters
CNE containers
+ LED lighting on container
+ No-drip drain valve
+ Insulated lid
+ Movable and stackable
+ Improved container heating
Plastic filter holder
+ Light in weight
+ Heat resistant
+ Easy to use
+ Follow the brewing process on the screen
+ Easy on-screen instructions
+ Show own logo on the screen
+ Raised base plate for high thermos jugs.

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